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FreeAgent - Introducing Smart Capture

FreeAgent are delighted to announce the release of Smart Capture - a new and improved version of our Auto Extract feature which automatically extracts the date and amount from receipts. 

Using Smart Capture, you can now:

  • upload files via the desktop version of FreeAgent as well as via the mobile app

  • upload PDF files as well as photos

  • upload files individually or in bulk

Once the data is extracted, the receipt will be automatically matched to a bank transaction or converted to an expense where the date and amount will be populated. Smart Capture will now also suggest a category for the expense.

Each FreeAgent licence will be able to process 10 files per month free of charge as standard, but if your clients have a lot of expenses to process, they might want to consider subscribing to the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on for £5 (+VAT) per month instead. This add-on will let you process as many files as they like.

How to activate and pay for the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on

You can activate the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on via the Connections and Add-ons page in their FreeAgent account settings. The account owner, or a user with Level 8 access permissions, will need to set up a suitable payment method. 

You can cancel the add-on at any time, and if Smart Capture is used less than 10 times a month for six consecutive months, we’ll cancel it automatically. If they cancel the add-on, they’ll still be able to use Smart Capture up to 10 times per month with no extra charges. 

Working without Smart Capture Unlimited

Don’t worry - if you and your clients don’t want to use Smart Capture’s special features after the allowance of 10 has been used up, it’s still possible to attach receipts to expenses and bank transactions in FreeAgent manually, just like you can now, without having to pay anything extra.

If you prefer to use a third-party receipt-scanning solutions, FreeAgent offers integrations with other applications including Dext Prepare and AutoEntry. These provide similar functionality to Smart Capture and can be used seamlessly with your clients’ FreeAgent account.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Contact details are on our website.

Steve Pearce MICB PM.Dip

21st Nov 2023

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